Letter to German Centre Community

Residents and Families of German Centre:

I want to provide an update on the policies of German Centre related to caring for individuals who are COVID positive. After a very challenging spring, we have fortunately seen no new facility-acquired resident cases of COVID over the course of the summer and early fall. However, as we see cases rising throughout the state, we have been preparing for the possibility that we will once again need to care for people suffering from this insidious disease.

Other nursing homes have chosen to participate in a state-funded program to create designated COVID units to receive admissions from the surrounding community. After careful consideration, we at Deutsches Altenheim have decided that we will not be opening our home to COVID positive patients from the outside and only care for existing residents as well as from our affiliated residences who contract the virus. By focusing exclusively on people already within the Deutsches Altenheim network, we can be assured that we are able to care for any COVID positive individuals within a specially designated and isolated area of our building.

As of today, we do not have any COVID positive residents in-house.

Please know that our experience in the spring and continued preparations have us much better equipped to care for residents with COVID-19 safely. We have a large supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). Our surveillance testing and contact tracing programs have proven successful in identifying isolated positive cases early and preventing outbreaks in our home. Most importantly, our staff are well-trained on effective infection control practices and proper PPE use, and are physically and mentally prepared to once again attend to those who are ill with skill and compassion. It is our hope and expectation that our COVID plan will mitigate risks of an outbreak and keep everyone as safe as possible.

I will continue to provide you with periodic updates as appropriate, including through regular updates on our website. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Michael B. Lincoln
Executive Director
German Centre

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