Our family would like to express our sincere appreciation for your kindness and attentive long term care that you have given our mother during her time with you. Not only did you help our mother, you also helped us by being patient and understanding as we learned to accept our mother’s new home.

– MR

I would like to thank all of you for the patience and understanding that you so willingly showed my mother during her days at German Centre for Extended Care. You eased our load by caring and we appreciated it. I’ll never forget you and will carry the memory of your many kindnesses close to my heart forever.

– JG

Thank you for the respect, care and love you gave to my mother during these past two-and-a-half years at the Altenheim. Your kindness and gentleness by placing her in “her special chair” made her days happy. Sometimes it meant she would sing to all of you. I shall be forever grateful for your thoughtfulness.

– CM

Thank you so much to all of the good friends and caregivers of our beloved aunt. The warmth and friendship that you all have given to her during the past year has given her a real home, and added a wonderful chapter to her long life. She spoke so warmly of so many of you. It was also such great comfort to us, her family, to know that she was happy.

– JD, PD & MD

My brother spent four years of loving long term care… We are very grateful to all of you. I myself spent two weeks in short term care two years ago and cannot thank you enough for wonderful senior care

. – VO

Just as important to us, was your facility’s response when we reached out during Mom’s last days of extreme need. Finding a room for her to make her final passage as peaceful and as loving as possible was a true blessing. We will always be grateful that we had quiet, respectful time to spend with her prior to passing.

– MN

My mother lived at the Altenheim for four years and my brother resided there also for the two years prior to his death. I must tell you how grateful I am for the loving senior care they both received. I’m in my 80s and still managing to live alone, but in the back of my mind, I feel when I am unable to do so, I plan to apply for admission to the Altenheim. I have very pleasant memories of Altenheim visits. You operate a great nursing home.

– HS

Thank you for the excellent care you provided for our mother during her brief stay at German Centre for Extended Care. The care given by her physicians, skilled nursing staff and aides created an environment in which she felt safe and comfortable. Everyone treated her with dignity and respect. We are very grateful for the extra support offered in the days prior to her passing. It was a time when our family needed it most and we so appreciated the help German Centre for Extended Care gave our family during our time of loss.

– CB

I simply cannot express how much your kindness and the great service provided by German Centre for Extended Care meant to my husband and me during the last months of his life.

It is one thing to do well at a job, but it is an entirely different thing to truly care about the people whom you are responsible for. One day I mentioned how I wished a comfortable chair that was located in the hallway was in my husband’s room so I could sit comfortably with him. In a matter of minutes you had that chair moved into his room for me! How wonderful for you to care so much. All of the people on the floor, from the nurses to the aides, to the social workers were simply fabulous in the way they cared for my husband and looked after me… please know that the extra care you shower upon your patients and their families is deeply appreciated, and you are loved for it.

– DM

I feel ill prepared as I sit here to find the right words to express how grateful I am to all of you at German Centre for Extended Care. The first time I entered and toured your facility I knew there was something very special here. My uncle was first admitted to the 2nd floor as a rehabilitation patient. His care seemed personalized according to his needs and rate of progress, all the while dealing with the many visitors. The professional manner in which it all was handled was exceptional! As time went on we were fortunate to have him moved to the 1st floor. His care has been compassionate and professional, his safety and dignity are maintained in a manner I could not have imagined. As a nurse for 27 years, I know how hard these caregivers work. The pleasant atmosphere and spotless surroundings are the best I’ve ever seen. My career has been at a local hospital, but I have been to many long term care facilities and am grateful my uncle has been fortunate enough to be at yours.

– KS

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