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Happy summer! The temperature is heating up and so are the activities on our campus. Restrictions are lessening and the campus is vibrant with activity.


COVID-19 screening continues for all staff and visitors entering our campus. Protective personal equipment (PPE) requirements are easing in some areas. Masks continue to be mandatory in all clinical areas. In resident rooms, communal areas and private offices, masks are optional if all participants are fully vaccinated.  We ask for your continued understanding and patience as we navigate these sometimes-confusing regulations. Please remember, the safety and well-being of the seniors in our care is our highest priority.


From June 21 to 24, we recognize and celebrate our CNTs. Years ago, we met with our then-CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) staff to examine the functions of their position. It became apparent that their title did not suit their essential responsibilities. The group overwhelmingly felt that substituting the word Assistant with Technician was a more precise measurement of the dynamic role they play in our organization. We are honored to call them our Certified Nursing Technicians. We are proud of them all of the time, but this week we celebrate them for the critical role they play at Deutsches Altenheim.

German Centre will bid farewell to two individuals as they join the retiree ranks! Diogena Pichardo, Certified Nursing Technician, has been with us for 28 years. Social Services Director Mary Ellen Walsh has been with us for 22 years – not counting her years of volunteer work as a teen! Their hard work and dedication to our residents is greatly appreciated. While we are happy they will have more time for themselves and their families, they will both be deeply missed. Best wishes to both.

Over the years, Deutsches Altenheim has been fortunate to benefit from the skills of countless members of our staff. This month we celebrated individuals who reached milestone anniversaries from 5 years to 35 years. Our staff is what makes Deutsches Altenheim so special.

35 Years
Marie M. Auguste

30 Years
Francesca Abruzzese

25 Years
Maguy Fequiere

20 Years
Maria B. Augustin
Denise Beckvold
Marie Cajuste
Francoise Etienne

15 Years
Marie Montissol
Barbara Starkey
Marlene Sylvain
Deborah McPhee

10 Years
Anne Marie Philippe

5 Years
Diane Dunning
Marie Dany St. Louis
Helder Teixeira
Deolinda Andrade
Rafael Arias

Here’s What’s New

Deutsches Altenheim launched its new website this week. We hope that you – and future visitors – will find the site easy to navigate and full of helpful information.

Working on the Deutsches Altenheim campus is a rewarding career path. In Massachusetts, however, nurses and CNTs are in short supply these days! To help ease some of the shortage, German Centre is taking part in Legacy Lifecare’s Trained Nursing Assistant program. The TNAs are assistants to the CNTs. They provide direct and indirect care to residents under the supervision of a nurse and perform other duties assigned by nurses and other clinical and administrative leadership. The TNAs collaborate with the interdisciplinary team to maximize the quality of life for the residents.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in working in the Nursing Department at Deutsches Altenheim, please visit our website at

An important reminder for German Centre families to join us at the next virtual Town Hall on Thursday, June 24th. Contact us at for login info.

A Final Thought

As the campus moves forward in a post-pandemic universe, we plan for this newsletter to evolve as well. We will continue to keep you informed about our news and events on our campus. We are excited, also, to include content that will keep you abreast of developments and advancements across the continuum of elder care. If there are topics you would like to see us address, please send us a quick email at Aging is natural – it’s going to happen to us all. Let’s stay informed so that we may live a fuller, healthy life.

Stay safe, be well and get vaccinated,
Michael B. Lincoln
Executive Director

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