Memory Care Program

The memory care program at the Schrafft Pavilion is based on the habilitative model of care, allowing residents to focus on the skills they currently have at the moment, rather than the skills that have been lost. Habilitation focuses on current abilities and responds to emotions. We work toward positive psychosocial and behavioral well-being by using our specialized memory care program and environment instead of relying heavily on medications and physical restraints.

The Schrafft Pavilion allows residents to function at their highest potential by promoting individual choice. We look at residents’ life history and routines and incorporate these into the program. Our goal is to give residents opportunities to continue using those memories that are familiar and comfortable. We nurture the feelings of belonging and purpose. Residents of the Schrafft Pavilion benefit from the ability to be themselves. They consistently receive guidance, support and encouragement from our compassionate and skilled staff.

Core components of the Schrafft Pavilion program include:

  • Build on personal strengths
  • Treat residents with respect and dignity
  • Honor the uniqueness of the individual through recognition of their life experiences, routines and habits
  • Enable residents to feel valued and empowered
  • Support the lifestyles and lifelong habits of residents
  • Provide access to failure-free activities

Building relationships between families, residents and staff, care partners provide ongoing education and encourage family participation as part of the team approach. Our dedicated team of care partners is knowledgeable and understands the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease.

These care partners include:

  • Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Technicians (CNTs)
  • Resident Life staff
  • Social Workers
  • Dietary staff

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