Edelweiss Village

“I write to thank you and the entire staff at Edelweiss Village for your many kindnesses to our aunt during what turned out to be her final days. Little did we know when you first met her that her health would decline so rapidly. Her family takes great consolation in the fact that, prior to her hospitalization, she was in a comfortable and caring place. She was much more active and social than she had been for some time… we will always be grateful.” MHS

“Your special blend of kindness, compassion and quality senior care gave our aunt great confidence, strength and comfort… She always raved about the wonderful staff members who cheerfully help her so much and enriched her stay.” EH & JC

Senior Place

“My mom has been going to Senior Place for over five years. I feel very lucky to have found a place where I can entrust her care to a wonderful, skilled and compassionate group of professionals. The Senior Place staff is nothing short of amazing. They work so well together and show tremendous patience and respect for the elders in their care. I appreciate the fact that in the five years my mom has been attending Senior Place, many of the same team has been in place and has gotten to know her and her needs so well. Senior Place has been very well managed over the years by Ruth, Carolyn and now Pat, and the staff has always been very open to suggestions and ideas from families on how to improve things for both the elders and their families. Walking into Senior Place every day is such a great experience – you are always greeted with a smile and a kind word. Knowing my mom is in good hands every day when I drop her off is such a blessing. Having Senior Place as part of my mom’s overall care plan has made all the difference to me and importantly, has allowed me to keep her at home with me. I will always be grateful to Senior Place for their support.” KG

Short Term Rehabilitation

“On behalf of my family and myself I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone at the Deutsches Altenheim for the wonderful short term rehabilitation care my mother received. Every employee who came in contact with my mother treated her very special with a caring word or just a bright smile to make her feel special… The special support we received from all the staff helped us to deal with a situation we were not ready for.” JC

My wife recently completed a stay of 10 days at German Centre while recovering from abdominal surgery. Throughout her time with you, she received excellent rehabilitative care but I am moved to write for two rather exceptional events. My wife has endured a difficult five years. When she arrived at German Centre she was psychologically very weak. Your staff recognized that and took immediate steps to strengthen and support her, including allowing me to spend nights with her. The second matter is more broad-based, cultural perhaps or institutional. When she left yesterday there was a touch of nostalgia, despite her happiness in going home. She had entered a community there – a community largely made up of women: Nurses, asst. nurses, nurse practitioners, orderlies, physical therapists, case workers. That community was relentlessly kind, good-humored, supportive, compassionate and interested in her. I know how hard it is to create such an institutional culture. Your ability to pull it off is exemplary and has earned my deep appreciation.” DB

Long Term Care

“I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all how delighted I was with my mother’s transition to German Centre. Thanks to the hard work of your staff my mother is doing very well and her adjustment to her new surroundings is going faster than anticipated. I can see the benefits of your good teamwork, especially in the expert consultations she has had. She enjoyed the music therapy sessions very much.” LC

“For over seven years our mother was a resident at the Altenheim, a place she grew to call home. A place that provided for her every need. Whether it be health care, personal care or activities, it was all there wrapped up in a comfortable atmosphere. She had many visitors over the years, all of whom would tell us how fortunate we were to have our mother in such a wonderful assisted living facility. That was nice to hear but at the same time we were hearing what we already knew. We mean it when we say there is no other place of its kind that can compare or even come close to comparing with the Altenheim. Many places may claim to provide similar services but none with the same degree of professionalism, comfort and caring.” JB

“The staff of German Centre was not only vigilant in their senior care of my mother, but also graciously welcoming to her large family with thoughtful words, platters of food and general consideration. Every person working with my mom went out of their way to mention something personal and nice to her. It takes a special person to work in this field – German Centre is filled with warm and caring staff.” MD

Alzheimer’s / Memory Care

“I wanted to commend the overall efforts of the activities workers in this unit (Schrafft Pavilion). It is apparent every week we visit my Mother that the staff is consistent, very patient and sincere. It truly shows, and your training must be exceptional. I would highly recommend German Centre for this extraordinary level of Alzheimer’s care.” ES

“Our most sincere and grateful thanks is to the outstanding and devoted staff of the Schrafft Pavilion. They are extremely caring and we can’t thank them enough; the nurses, doctors, social services, housekeepers, food staff, aids, everyone. Having our mother at the Altenheim with all of the incredible staff gave us such peace of mind and made it so much easier for her family.” WK & Family


“I have renewed love and enthusiasm for my job, my boss, my employees, and my residents. No job is perfect, but my job comes as close as any other I’ve had. I am committed to German Centre because the philosophy most mirrors my own and because, despite differences and spats, our team comes to work each day with the same goals: to be one of the premier employers in our area and to provide high-quality, cost-effective care to our residents/patients. Everyone says those are their goals, but we actually do it.” LA

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