Board of Trustees

Deutsches Altenheim is a not-for-profit healthcare organization that is governed by a dedicated Board of Trustees. The Board, which holds a fiduciary responsibility for the integrity, financial health and quality of care at Deutsches Altenheim, works closely with Deutsches Altenheim’s senior leadership team to develop the organization’s overall strategic direction to ensure its fiscal stability and to monitor the quality of care and services provided. The trustees volunteer their time and expertise, in support of Deutsches Altenheim’s mission.

Genevieve MacLellan, President
Hans P. Birle, Vice President
Heinrich W. Brinkhaus, Treasurer
C. A. von Stackelberg, Secretary/Clerk
Adam Berman
U. Barbara Bridge
Heinz R. Brinkhaus
John G. Carberry
Erik Dilger
Armin Grueneich
Lars Heise
Dirk M. Hentschel, MD
Philipp von Rosenstiel, MD
Marie Schwartz
Carol Soeldner
Roswitha Stehling
Hans H. Toegel