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We’re well into September and here in New England we’ve begun to experience a few chilly days. The Department of Public Health (DPH) has revised its guidelines for visitations to include indoor visits, when possible. We’re reviewing the regulations and hope to be able to accommodate indoor visits on inclement days very soon. Stay tuned.


This past week, we learned a German Centre staff member had tested positive for COVID-19. The individual was immediately removed from the work schedule and placed in quarantine at home. As a result, in accordance with DPH guidelines, all previously negative German Centre staff and residents were tested this week. All of the resident tests and a majority of staff tests have returned and are negative. Excellent news thus far. The German Centre staff will continue to be tested for at least another week, pending the outcome of the outstanding test results.

Senior Place

Attendance at Senior Place is slowly increasing as seniors and their families test the waters of going out in public spaces. We’ve welcomed back several previous participants as well as a few new ones from the surrounding community. Due to space restrictions, our maximum daily capacity is 13 participants. Senior Place staff have been creatively engaging participants with a variety of games and structured programs.

German Centre

This week we held our first Resident Council meeting in quite some time. A Resident Council is an independent, organized group that meets on a regular basis to discuss concerns, develop suggestions on improving services or resolve differences in their home. The meeting was held outside on the patio where residents were seated at six foot intervals and masks were worn. Stringent restrictions had previously prohibited the communal gathering of residents for such a meeting. In a small way, it’s a step in residents’ regaining some control over their living environment in a pandemic-ridden world.

We received a supply of influenza vaccines this week and will begin inoculating residents next week. Following that, staff will be offered the vaccine.

Edelweiss Village

This week we celebrated National Assisted Living Week. The Resident Life team lined up a variety of fun activities, including outside entertainment, small group games, socially-distanced happy hour in the Bierstube, and ice cream delivery.

Lunch service was offered in the dining room this week. Fifteen residents – one to a table – enjoyed the opportunity to engage with each other while enjoying delicious meals. Possibly most notable, residents were thrilled to have their meal served on real china once again! We take for granted the small things in life that, as it turns out, aren’t so small at all.

A Final Thought

Per DPH’s most recent report, Massachusetts is experiencing a relatively low (.8%) rate of COVID-19 infection. As a result, the population is likely to become more comfortable venturing out once again. I urge you to keep your guard up and follow all protective measures: wear a mask, maintain adequate distance, and wash or disinfect your hands often. Your well-being and that of those you love may be at risk.

Stay safe and be well,

Michael B. Lincoln
Chief Executive Officer

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