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This week we celebrated our nursing staff. Long-overdue for nurses and just a week late for CNTs (certified nursing technicians), it was time to show some appreciation.

When Nurses’ Week rolled around in early May, we were up to our elbows in PPE! We simply couldn’t manage more than a heartfelt “thank you.” Never forgotten, the timing was finally right to pay homage to the nursing staff in its entirety. Balloons, food and gift bags awaited them as nurse managers doled out gratitude and respect.

To say that the past few months have changed us would be an understatement. Staff across all disciplines had to dig deep to find their resolve to carry on. Nowhere was this more evident than among the nursing staff. They have some of the toughest jobs. CNTs perform the most intimate tasks for the residents.  Nurses juggle patient assessments, a profusion of doctors’ orders and lab requests, while taking care to document every change to ensure patient care consistent with their assessment.

The unprecedented challenges associated with COVID-19 tested nursing staff’s mettle each day. Working together, they strengthened team bonds. All hands on deck was the norm, not the exception. Despite it all, instead of calling out sick or taking a step back, our nursing team stepped up.

I extend my belated, and whole-hearted, thanks to the entire nursing team at Deutsches Altenheim. They work tirelessly on behalf of our residents. Society at-large may not fully understand the value these women and men bring to a small senior community, but I most certainly do.

In other news…

The third week of restricted family visits on campus is behind us. Included in this week’s visits were short-term patients from our TCU (transitional care unit). As a result, we identified a need to review the visitation schedule to accommodate more individuals, while continuing to meet DPH regulatory guidelines. Stay tuned while we fine-tune the process.

The most common question asked during the visits with family members: “When will the restrictions be lifted?” Unfortunately, the answer remains unclear. Governor Baker announced he will address the Commonwealth again on July 6th regarding a transition to Phase 3. At that point, we hope to learn more about how senior communities will be affected. In the meantime, we ask for families’ continued patience.

Stay safe, be well, and love a caregiver,

Michael B. Lincoln
Chief Executive Officer

Download the Update: June 26 Update

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