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It has been three weeks since our last resident was removed from COVID-19 precautions. We are mindful of a possible resurgence of the virus and, as a precautionary practice, we test any resident or patient whose symptoms vary from their norm. The campus remains under strict restrictions per guidance from the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health (DPH). Prohibitions against communal dining and group activities remain in place, but the advent of in-person visits has been a boon to morale among residents, families and staff.

Since visitations began two weeks ago, we have been able to accommodate most requests for visits in a timely manner. We recognize how truly challenging it is to refrain from touching, particularly after a long separation. Despite the stringent rules set forth by the CDC and DPH, the visits bring us a step closer to normalcy.

Our Transitional Care Unit (TCU) has been successfully admitting and treating patients for short-term rehab for just over a month. At this time, all those admitted are placed in 14-day quarantine. Revised guidelines released by DPH this week now allow for quarantined patients to participate in the visitations.

As COVID-19 made its way into German Centre this spring, many residents were relocated to a new, temporary, room to minimize exposure to the virus. The moves were disruptive – to both residents and staff – but deemed necessary to stave off the virus spread. This week, we began to move residents back to their original rooms. Residents rejoiced in the comfort of familiar surroundings. It was yet another milestone in our return to “normal.”

The pandemic has heightened awareness and scrutiny of infection control practices across the healthcare continuum. As part of its response, DPH has been auditing nursing homes against a 28-point Infection Control Checklist. In its third such audit, German Centre again scored a perfect 28 points, resulting in an “In Adherence” rating.

To the fathers reading this missive, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day. May you find enjoyable and creative ways to celebrate the day with your children in this restrictive environment.

Be well and stay safe,

Michael Lincoln
Chief Executive Officer


Download the update: June 19 Update

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