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What a difference a vaccine makes! Our campus is emerging from its pandemic-induced slumber and we couldn’t be happier.


Across the campus, 98% of our long-term residents, 100% of our adult day program participants, and 80% of our full-time staff are fully vaccinated! Remarkable numbers which translate into significant opportunities for engagement on our campus.

In light of the decline in COVID-positive cases and encouraging vaccine trend across the country, the CDC – and Massachusetts specifically – have lifted COVID-19 restrictions, effective May 29 in MA. It is important to note that our campus and its residents fall under the “vulnerable population” category. COVID-19 screening will continue for all staff and visitors entering our campus, mask usage continues to be mandatory in all public areas, and appropriate PPP must be worn by staff when interacting with residents and patients. We ask for your continued understanding and patience as we protect the safety and well-being of the seniors in our care.

German Centre

With most of our residents and many of their family and friends vaccinated, in-room visits have been increasing on a daily basis. Residents are enjoying the comfort of their familiar surroundings while engaging with visitors. When the weather cooperates, some groups journey to the upper patio to soak up the sun while visiting. For unvaccinated individuals, we continue to offer monitored indoor visits and virtual visits on iPads.

During the pandemic, many of us experienced changes in grooming routines when personal care services such as hair and nail salons were shuttered, limited in capacity or we simply weren’t willing to risk the exposure. Well our residents are certainly not immune to that frustration. Our hair salon finally re-opened – under stringent restrictions – to the delight of many. Something as simple as a cut and set can alter your mood for days! We are so grateful to bring this service back to residents. We look forward to bringing back many more cherished pursuits over the coming weeks.

A reminder for families to join us at the next Town Hall on Thursday, May 27th. Contact us at for login info.

 Senior Place

Participants at Senior Place continue to enjoy engaging with friends in the program. The nice weather has enabled us to take advantage of our newly-extended patio area overlooking the lushly woodlands. There’s nothing like sitting under the umbrella with friends by your side on a beautiful spring day. On our campus, you’d never know you were in the city!

Speaking of our patio. We recently planted flowers in our raised garden generously donated by the Parkway Rotary Club last year. There are plenty of blooms yet to come.

 Edelweiss Village

In continuing with the patio/gardening theme, Edelweiss Village residents have also been busy at work. The large patio behind the residence is home to three raised planter beds built years ago by students at neighboring Roxbury Latin School and two portable raised beds donated by the Parkway Rotary club last year. All of the beds are overflowing with annual plantings, many of which originated as Mother’s Day gifts to residents. The planters are lovingly tended by a cadre of residents with green thumbs and, once the flowers reach full bloom, the patio will be awash in color.

At long last, entertainment is making its way onto the calendar once again. In June, an outdoor performance by the Saengerchor Boston, who serenades us at our tree lighting festivities each December, is planned. We are also reaching out to our regular entertainers to pack the calendar with a variety of enjoyable programs. Outdoor performances (weather permitting) work just fine for us!

 A Final Thought

As you can see, it’s the small, incremental steps that have monumental impact on our campus. The return of ordinary activities we took for granted a mere 14 months ago, have reinvigorated us and returned to us the purposeful life we all seek. As I walk about the campus, it brings me enormous pleasure to receive joyful greetings and witness playful banter among staff, residents, and guests. The vibrancy is a welcome change of pace.

Stay safe, be well and get vaccinated,

Michael B. Lincoln
Executive Director

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